FX Football Intermediary

What makes a good football intermediary? Or even an outstanding one?

A good pro soccer player intermediary is first and foremost an honest one. One that tells you exactly what they think they can genuinely do for you and your professional footballer career.

As the player you need to be patient. The best, most lucrative deals and most successful contract negotiations often take time and a great deal of effort and commitment from all parties involved.

The very best football intermediaries will provide outstanding client management, media and marketing support to professional players from the world of soccer.

Here at FX our objective with every one of our clients is to deliver overall value-added from the work we carry out on their behalf. The client should be able to see and acknowledge a distinct ‘return on investment’ from their partnership with FX.

A good football intermediary will explore and investigate every avenue to connect the player to relevant career and financial enhancing opportunities, both inside and outside of the game.

Our objective is ALWAYS to serve FX clients best interests in good faith and to offer advice and representation without fear or favour.

For further information on our outstanding football intermediary services please contact FX and we will endeavour to respond in the first instance.

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