Contractual Negotiation

FX football agents are skilled and expert in professional footballer contract negotiation. We can call upon a panel of experts with a wealth of football and non-football experiences and knowledge in the areas of prime importance.

During contract negotiations it is imperative that the best interests of our client are satisfied and the most lucrative outcome is achieved. It is essential that the true worth of the player is reflected in the conclusion of the negotiations. Our considerable expertise covers initial contract negotiations, transfers and the contractual implications of promotion and relegation.

FX operate by the mantra ‘If it doesn’t seem right, don’t do it’. Over the years, our founder Paul Brewster has learnt to trust his instincts: if the deal (or the other party) smells rotten, it probably is. Our rules for client contract negotiation can be summarised as follows:

• Keep it simple and conventional.
• Agree the main elements of the contract before drafting a written contract
• Successful contracts are a team effort.
• Manage your lawyers.
• Think a few steps ahead.
• Try to understand the other party’s point of view.
• Don’t lose focus when you think the deal is done.

Our objective is ALWAYS to serve FX clients best interests in good faith and to offer advice and representation without fear or favour.

For further information on our outstanding player contract negotiation services please contact FX and we will endeavour to respond in the first instance.

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